Three Days in May


Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my dog?

Yes yes if she's banjo-friendly!

Can I self-cater and get a discount?

As this isn't just a picking weekend, we're providing full catering so you can relax, and take full advantage of the event and the company. Erika will be offering vegetarian and carnivore options, but if you have dietary concerns, please contact us.

Are there chemical toilet facilities?

Not yet. This is styill a basic farm site. We shall be hiring portaloos and showers.

Do I need to read music?

Absolutely not All teaching will be done by ear. All levels of proficiency are welcome.

What kind of music do you do?

Not classical, but natural voice singing - British and American folk. Generally acapella - unaccompanied, but we may well look at the challenges of playing and singing. And you may like to do some informal singing and playing in the evenings, so if you have an accompaniment instrument, do bring it.

My partner says my singing is terrible - what should I do?

Bring your partner with you - we'll see who's in a position to criticise!

Can I bring my bagpipes?

As long as you're not thinking of playing them.