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Welcome to SING! with Roger Jackson.  Roger leads singing and harmony workshops at festivals and events around the UK and abroad.

While these events always have lots of singing, some may include tuition about making harmonies, or improving your technique. Roger excels at creating a relaxed atmosphere where singers can relax and let their singing confidence grow.

Festival Organisers!

Would you like to book an all-inclusive & friendly harmony singing event at your festival?


Sing in the Swiss Alps

26th - 28th April 2024

Singing weekend in Switzerland

Three-days-in-May- 24 logo_edited.png

Three Days in May

24th - 28th May 2024

Singing weekend in West Sussex


The Fabulous Festival Choir

15th - 18th August 2024

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

The Fabulous Festival Choir

23rd - 26th August 2024

Towersey Festival

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Roger started singing groups with community choirs in Cambridge. Now, living near Oxford, he does Singing workshops and harmony singing all over the UK and in Europe. He’s a fan of Americana and Bluegrass music and this often features in his singing teaching repertoire alongside English and world folk music. 

Roger created The Fabulous Festival choir at Towersey Festival where some 300 festival goers gather each day to learn a new song each day and make a glorious harmony sound. This is now spreading to Purbeck Valley Folk Festival and others across the Summer season. Residential workshops like his Sing in the Swiss Alps (April), Three Days in May and Folk on the Farm - Mainly Bluegrass are retreats where you can immerse yourself in the singing community and grow confidence in your own voice.

As well as singing, Roger composes and arranges music, sells his choral arrangements and leads songwriting workshops. His instruments are keyboards, guitar and mandolin.

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