About Covid

Covid Vaccine.png

Right now, it might seem unspeakably foolish to plan a gathering of 30 odd people – even if it is outside, especially to sing – in this Covid-ridden climate. It’s January 2021 as I write this, and it seems that we all know someone directly now who has been badly affected by this awful virus. However, we feel that while these are especially dark times, we are likely to be in a very different position coming up to the end of May. The vaccination programme is underway, people will be good at managing risk – and it is an outdoors activity, at least. Let’s be straight-up here: There is a medium possibility that we will have to cancel.

We will not be able to eliminate the risk of you catching Covid-19. But we will of course follow as many sensible hygiene measures as possible to minimise this risk. Ultimately however it is up to you feel in venturing out. Ideally get a test if you can before you come, but we understand not everyone is able to do that.

We feel that if we get to the end of May and the country is declared pretty safe at that point, we’d be gutted that we didn’t have anything planned to take advantage of that situation. We’ve all been starved of music and friends. We want to try – and see what happens. If you’d like to try with us – that would be fantastic.