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7th November - 12th December

  West Oxford Community Centre Botley Road, Oxford OX2 0BT

Carols you can sing with a pint in your hand!

West gallery Carols, Sheffield Carols, Thomas Hardy Carols…

These are the folky songs sung in villages across the land up to the mid 19th century.

Good fun tunes with a real sense of Christmas about them!


£65.00 for the full six sessions

or £12.00 drop-in to any of the sessions.

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Sweet Bells

If you want to sing carols at Christmas, 

you have learn them in November!

We’ll learn the carols every Tuesday from 7th Nov 12th December

when we’ll go and and sing them round the pubs of Oxford

- with a pint in our hand!

About the venue

The Mary Town Room is in The W.Oxford Community Centre on Botley Road near Osney Island.

There is car parking, but due to the road closure at the station, if you're coming by car, you'll have to approach from the top of Botley Road at Seacourt. It has wheelchair access and toilets.

Who would like this?

It's for everyone, young or old - bring the family.

For you whether you think you can sing or not (you can).

We'll be singing in four part harmony which makes a great sound.

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