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Sing with a huge choir!

Roger Jackson's Fabulous Festival Choir can be found on tour at various festivals throughout the summer season.

The Fabulous Festival Choir is perfectly designed for you to get the most out of your festival time.

Learn a new song each day in the 90 minute mid-morning session - you don't need to have have come to the previous sessions, you can join in at any time. It's open to everyone, everything is taught by ear so you don't need to read music or have sung at all before.

The songs are well chosen for maximum impact, and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve in just an hour and a half.

Roger and his team are great at getting you singing with confidence, and in the company of about 300 singers, everyone is lifted.

It really sets you up for the rest of your day.

The testimonials we receive make it clear that people come back year after year to enjoy the humour and energy that this phenomenal choir bring to every festival. It's not just a few people singing to you - it's a big crowd singing with commitment, raising your spirits and growing your singing confidence.

The songs, usually especially arranged by Roger, can sometimes be challenging, but also satisfying, and once again Roger will put you at ease as he leads you step by step to an impressive performance.

If time allows you'll get to do a performance at the end to impress your family and friends - and they always are impressed!

You'll get a booklet with the words, and great songs in your head to take home.

Come and sing with The Fabulous Festival Choir at a festival near you this Summer!

I haven't sung in years, and became quite emotional singing "Shallow Brown"

The Fabulous Festival Choir really is a highlight of my Towersey experience, I’m so glad you were here again this year.

For me, Towersey really wouldn’t be same without it.

The festival choir is one of the things about Towersey Festival  that make me want to come back year after year.

Roger makes everyone feel that they can sing!

I'm amazed at the way Roger gets us to learn songs
that at first seem impossible!

The choir is always a big part of the festival for us and our friends.
Don't tell anyone this but the final performance always reduces me to tears

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