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Add something different to your event!

Festivals are becoming more diverse and offering a full experience to our audiences who are coming not just to see a few big headline acts, but to make the most of their time on site.

Yoga, children's activities and crafts are significant "wellbeing" components of a festival these days.

Some festivals involve a local choir to perform, and this of course draws family and friends to watch, but Roger Jackson's Fabulous Festival Choir, started and developed at Towersey, packs a double whammy.

Festival goers come to a mid-morning workshop to learn a new song each day (so they can join at any time) they enjoy the singing together with others, and get to perform at the end of the festival.

The response has been amazing with choirs of some 300 per day, and over the last few years people mention it as a major reason for choosing between festivals. It ticks all the boxes - family friendly fun, involving, challenging and satisfying, and on returning home, participants will be raving about the fun they had to their friends - the best advertising you can get!

We produce a booklet of the songs which usually uses elements of your own festival branding, and this serves as a souvenir of the event.


The singing is of a high standard and sometimes brings the other artists to join us for performances.

Roger is a gifted leader and can handle a large crowd using humour and wit. He knows his audience, and writes and arranges most of the songs to draw out the best in the festival crowd.

An audience of 300 per day for 4 days means a festival is pleasing an audience of 1200, and you can think of it as just as much a draw
as any band you might book.


"I haven't sung in years, and became quite emotional singing Shallow Brown" 
Sue, Hereford

"The Fabulous Festival Choir really is a highlight of my Towersey experience, I’m so glad you were here again this year."
Anne, Oxford

"For me, Towersey really wouldn’t be same without it."
Anita, Thame

"Roger makes everyone feel that they can sing!"
Jane, Twickenham

"The festival choir is one of the things about Towersey Festival  that make me want to come back year after year."
Kirsty, Kidderminster

"I'm amazed at the way Roger gets us to learn songs
that at first seem impossible!"Jim, Bicester

"The choir is always a big part of the festival for
us and our friends - 
Don't tell anyone this but the final performance always reduces me to tears"
Garry, Milton Keynes


“Roger Jacksons Fabulous Festival Choir is one of the first things we build into our programme.  For a whole load of Towersey folks, it is the number one activity of the weekend.  Roger’s skill is being able to get so many singers (of all levels…and even those that say they can’t sing) to make joyous harmonies, infectious and brilliant song.  He does this with such energy and fun that you can’t help but sing your heart out.  This is so much more than a community choir; this is people coming together for a life affirming experience.  Towersey would not be Towersey without it!”  

Joe Heap, Towersey Festival Artistic Director


"Roger’s singing workshop at Arisaig Americana was a key feature, attracting many participants of all ages and stages!

His sense of humour and easy-to-learn methods made the session relaxed, enjoyable and a real confidence booster.

It was great to hear the hall singing to the rafters and fits right into what our festival is all about –

being inclusive and having FUN!!"

Mairi Orr, Festival Director, Arisaig Bluegrass Festival

"The Fabulous Festival Choir brings singing participation into the festival mix with astonishing results. It's great to see people who might not usually join a singing event, drawn by Roger's enthusiasm and energy, singing their hearts out and filling a good-sized venue.

The Fabulous Festival Choir are now a fixture here!"

Catherine Burke, Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

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